To the Memory of Valeri Kaitoukov

At the 9-th of February of 2011 a great man died on the island of Evia in Greece who was endowed by nature with a powerful body of Ossetian warrior, with analytical philosophical mind of Socrates, and with Prometheuss soul full of love for people.

He was an active participant in the war against Georgia for the freedom of South Ossetia, the acclaimed author of psycho-physiological theory of power, the author of widely known four philosophical treatises studied in universities around the world that had discovered the laws of device of human communities under any their power.

  However, despite of the high credibility of ideas, his writings had not become popular among upper layers neither in our country nor abroad, and these layers tried by all their means not to draw attention to those treaties because they presented them without a veil, including large and small hierarchs of dictate, the conductors, the accompanying "gray" people, the highly upraised by dictates actressing prostitutes, etc., from whom the author had never get any gratitude.

He died penniless for life, without a passport, without a pension, in a cold house, being for five years on trial on spurious charges, without the right to work, create and even to leave Greece for treatment. The treatises on which he worked all his life, "The Facets of Mind" and "The Evolution of Civilizations", remained unfinished.

In such cruel way authorities of Greek, Canada and Russia repaid him for his treatises.

The mankind will have to wait more than some centuries for a genius of the scale of Valeri Kaitoukov.